1. The G8 summit in July 2005 will take place in Gleneagles, Scotland. Thirty years of G8 (previously G6/7) summits have not brought peace and prosperity for the many but have led to further impoverishment for millions of people, undermined basic democratic rights, destroyed the environment and increased global instability.

Purpose and nature of G8A

2. G8 Alternatives (G8A) is a network that enables organisations and individuals from a broad range of social movements to come together to plan for and organise, events such as mass non-violent and peaceful protests, an alternative summit, cultural and creative events and a convergence space
3. The purpose of G8A is to enable such action. G8A aims to provide real and virtual spaces in which activists can plan, organise and deliver a range of peaceful events and activities which offer alternatives to the agenda of the G8. G8A may sign contracts and spend money provided by supporters or fundraising in pursuit of these purposes.
4. G8A shall have a bank account. All financial transactions will be available for scrutiny at the open network meetings.


5. Events facilitated by G8A will be non-violent, non-discriminatory and non-partisan.
G8A will call a demonstration on the opening day of the summit to highlight there are alternatives to the G8.
G8A will organise an alternative summit where the opening and closing meetings shall be agreed by G8A. Apart from the events organised collectively by all the groups and individuals within the network, groups and individuals within the network shall have autonomy to organise their own meetings in any way that they choose at the alternative summit. G8A will otherwise exercise no control over the content of elements organised by groups./individuals within the network.
G8A will facilitate cultural and creative events around the summit.
G8A will secure a convergence space with camping, and other amenities to facilitate protest at the Summit.
G8A will not itself organise other activities, events or protests, unless agreed by the open meetings.
6. Supporters of G8A may collectively organise activities, including fundraising activities, under the G8A label. The label G8A can be used by any groups supporting the network, for events that respect the principles of the network, and should appear alongside their own labels on any publicity or other materials.

Supporters / participants

7. The network includes those who oppose the G8 as an institution and also those who wish to press the G8 to adopt different policies. What unites us is our belief that 'another world is possible' and that we need to have a massive mobilisation that brings together anti capitalists, international development campaigners, trade unionists, peace activists, environmentalists, human rights campaigners and more to discuss, debate and demonstrate. G8A welcomes participation from any group or individual committed to social justice, international development, environmental protection, peace and human rights.
8. G8A shall have an e-mail list for Scottish supporters of G8A that will publicise meetings and distribute minutes. An email list for supporters outwith Scotland shall also be set up with a view to disseminating information. The names of those on the lists will not be passed to other organisations.


9. Those involved in G8A are invited to make a financial donation so that the network can function and grow.


10. G8A will hold monthly open network meetings. Sovereignty will explicitly rest with this body. Decisions about what G8A plans to do will be reached by consensus. Only if no consensus can be reached will decisions be made by voting, using a ‘voting college system’. Each grouping of organisations (peace, development, environment, human rights, social justice, Trades Unions, political parties and local groups in the Gleneagles area) shall have two votes, and individuals collectively at the meeting may either assign themselves to one of these groups, with the agreement of those in the group; or join a group of ‘unaligned individuals’ which collectively shall have two votes.. A majority of votes will be needed to make any change.
11. Minutes of G8A meetings will be circulated by e-mail to supporters of G8A and posted on the G8A web site.
12. G8A does not propose only one alternative to the G8 but is open to a range of views. This is why it is called G8 Alternatives. All contributors at meetings of G8A will be listened to respectfully.

Working Group

13. A working group will meet between G8A open meetings. Members of the working group shall take responsibility for the practical tasks agreed at these meetings. The working group shall make operational decisions by consensus in between G8A open meetings. They shall be accountable for these decisions to the open meeting.

Web site

14. G8A shall have a web site, with minutes of meetings, updated plans and initiatives and provide a forum for exchange of ideas and discussion. To facilitate participation and dialogue the website will have a wiki. The website will be a major public interface for the network.

Amending this constitution

15. Any amendments to this constitution shall be agreed at a G8A open meeting, ideally by clear and unequivocal consensus, but if consensus cannot be reached, then by no less than a 2/3rds majority of those present and entitled to vote.